Welcome to Ascendion IT Solutions.

The Southeast’s Premier Small Business IT Provider!

Ascendion IT Solutions is an IT Consulting and Managed Services provider that operates with speed, precision, and honesty. Our aim is to provide extremely effective technical support to small businesses. Whatever the challenge, we will help you find an affordable and appropriate solution. Ascendion IT Solutions serves Charlotte, North Carolina and the Grand Strand area of South Carolina, as well as surrounding regions.

Outstanding Desktop Support

Ascendion is an IT Department as a Service (ITDaaS) and can provide rapid support for the common IT issues you will encounter on a daily basis.

  • You get all the benefits of a dedicated IT department at a fraction of what it costs to hire one capable IT employee.
  • Typical response times are under 30 minutes; same-day issue resolution is the norm, not the exception.
  • We provide multiple contact options for help requests – email, support ticket via the web, or by phone.
  • Support can be provided remotely or on-site, depending on your specific needs and the urgency of the situation.
  • Are you a charitable organization or a local government? Ask us about discounted service rates.

IT Infrastructure Planning, Maintenance & Security

Ascendion will keep your workstations and servers in good working order, and we can help you roll out security and backup strategies that are simple and effective to prevent data breaches or malware from negatively impacting your business. We’ll inform you when your systems are aging out, or when changes need to be made to your security policies to stay compliant.

  • We can monitor and maintain what you already have.
  • Through our partners we can provide enterprise-grade Anti-virus/Anti-malware options for less than you can buy them directly.
  • We are brand-agnostic and we’ll work with whatever software/hardware you already have.
  • If something can’t (or shouldn’t) be fixed, we can recommend a reasonable replacement.

Cloud / Remote Infrastructure

In the wake of COVID-19, many organizations are choosing to make the transition to a ‘work from home’ model. Ascendion can help you achieve this goal in an efficient and cost-effective manner that suits your specific needs.

  • We can make your existing on-premises software/services accessible from anywhere.
  • Alternatively, we can migrate your existing on-premises software/services to the datacenter or the cloud allowing you to reduce or eliminate office space.
  • We specialize in migrations to Office365 / Azure AD and Google Workspaces.

Peace of Mind

  • We’re all about clear & honest communication.
  • Our basic monthly Desktop Support package is not a contract and can be cancelled or modified at any time.
  • We’re champions of IT Independence – We re-centralize and give you back control of your IT environment.
  • Our #1 goal is to help you grow at your desired pace. We want you to be comfortable with possible outcomes and understand all of your options to achieve them!

Ascendion IT Services

Desktop & User Support
On-Site & Remote Technical Support
User Account Management
Employee Onboarding, Offboarding
Software Installation, Removal
Hardware Upgrade, Replacement
OS Re-installation
OS Setup & Configuration
Virus & Malware Prevention, Removal
Automated Workstation Backups
IT Planning, Maintenance & Security
24/7 Active Monitoring with Alerts
Wired/Wireless Network Infrastructure
Appliance & Server Maintenance
User/Admin Security & Compliance
Server Install, OS Setup, Role Configuration
Replace & Retire Old Servers, Appliances
Hyper-V & ESXi Setup, Config, Maintenance
Physical -> Virtual (P2V) Server Migration
Automated Nightly Backups, Disaster Recovery
Cloud / Remote Infrastructure
Website Packages - Design & Hosting
Site-to-Site & Client VPN Setup
Microsoft Office365 Mailbox Migration
Google Workspaces Mailbox Migration
On-Premises Active Directory -> Azure AD
On-Premises Services -> AWS/Azure Compute
Off-Site Cloud Backups